Echoes of Excellence: Testimonials
for a Cannabis Leader

Welcome to my testimonials page. Here, you can read firsthand accounts from colleagues, clients, and partners who’ve had the pleasure of working with me throughout my journey in the cannabis industry.

Each story showcases the impact of my passion for cannabis and commitment to innovation. I have had the privilege of engaging with a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations in my career, from entrepreneurs and business leaders to advocates and enthusiasts. Their words reflect the spirit of collaboration and growth we’ve fostered together.

As you peruse these testimonials, I hope you gain a clearer understanding of my dedication to the cannabis industry, my unique approach to problem-solving, and the transformative influence of our shared passion for this extraordinary plant.

Thank you for being here. Enjoy reading these shared experiences, and I look forward to the opportunity to create similar impactful experiences with you.

Max Simon

CEO & Founder

As the CEO of the cannabis education company Green Flower, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of experts throughout the cannabis industry. When it comes to producing the highest quality cannabis products using clean and sustainable techniques, I would place Guy Rocourt as the #1 subject matter expert in the world in this domain. Nobody knows more, has more experience, or exudes greater passion than Guy, and anyone who has a chance to work with him should jump at the opportunity!

Luna Stower

Chief Impact Officer

It is difficult to imagine the cannabis industry without Guy. He has not only been instrumental to building the most recognized health and wellness brand in the cannabis space, he has launched several successful cannabis organizations and companies. His knowledge of the regulatory framework is top tier, his understanding of the science of the plant from genetics and cultivation practices to formulations and end products…

Frank Bucko, Jr

Chief Operating Officer

We had a dream to open our own medical dispensary in NJ. It would have remained a dream without the guidance and insight provided by Guy. Guy not only spent time on multiple calls with us to help us organize our thoughts and goals but also set us up with facility walk-throughs with active dispensaries to help us better understand how a dispensary actually functions. With his help, we were able to secure an ATC license…

Matthew Kutch

Chief Executive Officer

As one of the most experienced and seasoned cannabis entrepreneurs as well as one of the most highly regarded, Guy seamlessly led our team to winning one of the coveted ATC licenses in NJ. With Guy’s knowledge and expertise, we were able to avoid beginner operator mistakes and quickly understand and predict NJ’s industry and markets. Those lucky enough to work with Guy can clearly see his love for the plant and its …

Angela Pih

Head of Marketing

Guy is an exceptional cannabis leader whose vast knowledge and expertise have greatly impacted my understanding and continued commitment to the industry. He is highly regarded for his deep understanding of all aspects of cannabis, ranging from cultivation techniques to product development. His passion for unlocking the power of cannabis is infectious, and he always goes the extra mile to educate and share his wisdom…

Noelle Skodzinski

Editorial Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Guy Rocourt as a member of our advisory board for Cannabis Business Times’ Cannabis Conference, and I experienced firsthand his extensive knowledge of solventless extraction, and the vast potential he sees solventless hold in product development and the industry’s future. I was so impressed also with his big-picture insights into and vision for the industry that I asked him to…