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Let Me Help You Build A Premium, Differentiated, Clean Cannabis Brand​

As the CEO and Chief Product Officer behind Papa & Barkley’s $100 million success story, I offer a trifecta of consulting packages that will turn your vision into a scalable, compliant, and market-dominating reality.

From crafting a laser-focused product roadmap to architecting an efficient, GMP-aligned manufacturing facility, to launching with compelling sales and marketing strategies, I am your catalyst for exponential growth. Let me give you a proven formula for building a premium, differentiated, clean cannabis brand in your market.

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Create Your Product Roadmap

Let me help you craft the ultimate cannabis product line with laser-like focus. I’ll analyze your existing products, pinpoint gaps, and tailor a strategy that’s not only unique but also economically feasible. You’ll gain clarity on essential ingredients, manufacturing processes, and a rollout schedule that keeps you on time and budget.

Build Your Clean Manufacturing Machine

Streamline your production process with precision and compliance. Working in tandem with your core teams—from finance to compliance—I’ll define every requirement for your facility, budget, and equipment. You’ll know exactly what you need and how to source it, ensuring alignment with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for maximum efficiency. Plus, my strategies for cost optimization will boost your bottom line while maintaining product integrity.

Strategy To Sell More & Stand Out From The Pack

I’ll help you transform your products into a household name with a market strategy that cuts through the noise. Together, we’ll identify how you stand out, hone in on consumer messaging, and build a marketing and sales team that’s results-driven. With a strong company culture rooted in your ‘WHY,’ you’ll not only attract customers but keep them loyal, amplifying both performance and retention.

Strategic Cannabis Consulting

Maximize your cannabis business potential with personalized 1-on-1 guidance from an industry expert.

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